About Us

Je-Josal Company is a successful Solar, Fire and other Building System engineering solutions provider operating principally within the commercial, residential, manufacturing, mining and Industrial services sector with a highly motivated competent and safety-conscious workforce.

We deliver our solutions through a wide range of engineering and construction services using information technology and innovative softwares. These enable us to bring International best practices to our clients with consistent performance in health and safety, systems applications and timely project delivery.

Je-Josal is principally based in Kumasi with operation all over the country and beyond our borders with the aim of becoming first in all our operations.


Je-Josal Limited is a company limited by shares was incorporated on  9th  Dec,2017 and awarded Certificate to Commence Business  on 10th Dec.,2017 to  operate within the mandated objectives of the Registrar General Department .

The shareholders have a great potential in the washing Industry in the country and have decided to marshal their entire resources to venture in full swing. This analysis is therefore stress on the sales of Road maintenance and dust control products.


Je-Josal Limited have a focus on meeting the demand of the entity.  Je-Josal Limited will establish relationships with entity and it stakeholders.

The business would be managed by the directors who are experienced and energetic Ghanaians business entrepreneur who are well vest in practical management practices.

Je-Josal Limited new project as perceived by the promoters as financially and economically viable as well as socially desirable and will contribute immensely towards social economic development of a as a whole in terms of addressing the  employment generation especially the youth.


2.0      THE COMPANY

2.1      Background

The shareholders have registered under the  Companies Act 1962.   

The shareholders of Je-Josal  Limited are Ghanaian company bases in Kumasi. Je-Josal  Limited under an effective leadership of Managing Directors have created a large client following through hard work and dedication.  Managing director’s team, have what it takes to make this venture an extremely successful one. We expect our growing reputation to lead to new clients to support our anticipated growth.


 2.2     Objective

The company’s short term objectives are to:

Assess the technical and financial facility of expanding the business through market development and penetration.



The long-term objectives of the project are to:


Provide conductive and excellent environment for the  company.

Build a strong team made up of professionals to execute all manner of projects.

To achieve our objectives, Je-Josal Limited is seeking the approval of the sales Road Construction Material.


2.3      Mission

It is the mission of Je-Josal Limited to use its present and future capabilities to  providing quality project to satisfy growing needs of present and future consumers within the country and outside.


     Keys to success

Delivering high quality service that set the company apart from our competitors.

Providing product support and a better than average margins to our clients

Bring new products/ services into the industry to increase sales volumes.


3.0      Product / Service Description

The company  will offers for sale Road maintenance material and temporal Dust  control material for us at various department who are responsible for that and government approved contractors.